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What takes priority in your life?

I have a confession. For many years as an entrepreneur and professional, I prioritized efficiency, performance, and productivity over relationship.

So, say when mom would call or text to setup a visit, I often had something 'more important' to address like writing a dissertation, or tax season, or teaching, or a big project. "Sorry mom, I'm just really busy right now."

After all, she'll understand.

Then it hit me. One day, she will be gone, then I will be gone. So much there but let me highlight one aspect of being gone, the eulogy.

Mine might read something like: "My dad was efficient, productive, and performance driven. He sacrificed family, friendships, and faith for fortunes. That is the legacy of his leadership."

Geez, no way!

After that settled in, I called my mom and setup a biweekly lunch and now happy to report we've not missed one date since!

Friends, bottom line is that a vision of the future is no new concept, yet it remains so very powerful to speak life into a path otherwise destined to perish.

What about you?

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