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As a university educator, lifelong entrepreneur, father, and husband, my passion and vision is a future state that is better than today, manifested, in part, through leadership that rises to the greatest call of humankind, to serve one another in profoundly uncommon ways. May we reach beyond self-limitations, to challenge the status quo, and tap the collective energy of a committed community of exceptionalism.

My personal pledge and prayer is to give my everything to the cause of serving wisely and serving well that an abundance of worthy leadership will spread vigorously - to do something great - and perhaps, even make the impossible possible. We can become exceptional leaders together.

~ Nate Salah, PhD Founder, Friend, and Fellow Learning Leader


To develop a community of exceptional leaders that flourishes in serving the needs of others as the highest calling to greatness.


To provide a world-class leadership learning experience that is filled with discovery, inspiration, transformation, and progress. 


To serve wisely and serve well in equipping you to solve relevant problems with exceptionalism.


To infuse Academia, Application, and

Adventure to Amplify the journey of influence. 


Dr. Nate Salah is an award-winning educator, accomplished entrepreneur, and expert in business leadership with decades of experience teaching students, entrepreneurs, and business professionals how to lead exceptionally.


Nate has been fully immersed in business since youth. He gained confidence with small ventures through his teen years, dropping out of college with the acquisition of his first company at 21, and over the years founding wholly-owned and ownership interests in a conglomerate of industries.



  • Accounting and Business Advisory

  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate

  • Residential Construction

  • Wholesale Technology Distribution

  • Multi-state Retail Sales

  • Residential Mortgage Lending

  • Concept Food Services

  • Digital Marketing

  • E Learning


As Adjunct Faculty at Concordia University, Nate taught undergraduate and graduate students for 10 years in a variety of business and leadership courses including:

  • Entrepreneurship & Business Planning (B.A. Capstone)

  • Business Policy

  • Leadership Research

  • Business Ethics

  • Professional Public Speaking

  • Strategic Management (MBA Capstone)









  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Concordia University (Summa Cum Laude)

  • Master of Business Administration, Fontbonne University

  • PhD in Leadership Studies, Dallas  Baptist University


Nate is honored to be the recipient of awards for outstanding service in education:

  • 2014 St. Louis Center Master Teacher of the Year Award

  • 2017 Batterman School of Business Master of Science Organizational Leadership & Administration Faculty of the Year Award.



Today, Nate is active in supporting his stakeholders, building the Great Summit platform for leadership exceptionalism, and speaking to leaders in group and individual settings. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and professionals reframe thinking and solve leadership problems, integrating his doctoral research on iconic American entrepreneurs with his business experience to release the potential for outstanding results.


Personally, Nate is driven to end each day having helped others. His vision of a life well-lived is embodied in the goal to spiritedly serve through promoting shared values. Nate has competed in marathons & triathlons, is proud father of Abram, devoted husband to Tara, and committed follower of Christ.

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