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Aiming for Perfection

You ever watch a movie and a moment so crisply resonates that it sticks? Last night I caught just that.

Ford v Ferrari race car driver Ken Miles is sharing a vision with his son Peter, a vision to to drive the PERFECT 24-hour race, lap after lap after lap.

His son's reasonable response: "You can't make every lap perfect."

And he's right.

The day's work is full of imperfections--many out of our control. Imperfect information, imperfect resources, imperfect contexts, imperfect plans, imperfect people.

However, that does not preclude one critical aspect of the story: You. Your passion, preparation, and potential all lead to the choice that Miles then expressed and modeled for his son, saying, "But I can try."

Hang there for a moment.

How often do we say that with commitment, with conviction: To pursue accomplishment with our everything, our very best in the work we do?

Sure, perfection is fleeting, yet there is something tangible, intimate, special rolled into those four words. It means accepting that though your output will seldom, if ever, reach perfection, you can try.

And that is where passion, preparation, and purpose-driven skills are elevated, magnified, and produce outcomes you may have never imagined possible.

So did Miles find his perfect lap? Exquisitely.

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