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Combat, Comply, Commit.

Enlisted my teen son to help organize the basement storage room, which at first, overwhelmed him.

Then, understandably, came the complaints.

Now, total transparency. In the past, I tended to shoo him away and say, "I really don't need your help - this is for you." You know...the guilt trip that did not help either of us reach the desired outcomes healthily.

But this time, it was different: "Son, it has been said that there are (at least) three kinds of people in the workplace: combative, compliant, and committed. The combative drain the team's energy with unproductive complaints and even sabotage; the compliant do the bare minimum or just what is in the 'job description'; but the committed, that is the person who takes ownership with such excellence, that they solve problems you did not know you had."

Then I softly asked him the big question: "Who would you want on your team?"

With a smirk, he looked up and said, "The committed, dad."

"Me too."

Friend, I am convinced that at the heart of leadership is shared purpose and if we are to produce meaningful change, we must effectively communicate that vision to thrive...together.

Oh, two hours - project done.

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