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Create and Keep a Customer

Thought we were celebrating a small victory, but........

So, my entrepreneurial 13-year-old recently decided to put his gaming energy into building a web based video game. Then his demeanor quickly changed to sadness upon considering the hundreds, if not thousands, of players that he sought to attract and satisfy.

Here's the transcript:

Dad: "Oh, I see. That does become overwhelming."

Son: [Nodding].

Dad: "You know, there's a guy named Peter who once wisely said that the purpose of a business is 'to create and keep a customer.' Not a thousand or a hundred or ten, just one. Focus on that ONE customer."

Son: "But, who is my customer, dad?"

Dad: [Pointing to son's chest] "Someone just like YOU."

Son: [Smiling in agreement]. "Thanks Dad. So who's this Peter, anyway?"

Dad: "Oh, just the father of modern management..."

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