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Critical Questions

SEVERAL YEARS AGO, I changed the interview process for potential new hires to begin with one simple question: "Do you have a servant's heart?"

If an interviewee looked at me with a peculiarly perplexed stare, I then knew it was not a fit and asked them to enjoy the rest of the day.


Well, if you're like me, you invested decades honing your skills to overcome obstacles, produce excellence, and build a business around your reputation.

Along the way came more clients than time, so then came scaling, and with scaling, came employees. Then came new challenges, and with new challenges, new frustrations, and as you would expect, the experience suffered.

You then ask? Do I really need this?

But then an epiphany: Your skills alone did not secure a reputation of exceptionalism--your passion to serve fueled it.

So you started fashioning your organization--those critical and precious people--around competence AND character, around expertise AND purpose.

Then, a small seed began to sprout and you began to duplicate your values. Your organizational culture began to form and experience the kind of health that pours life into its stakeholders. And you nurtured it to flourish...

You want to flourish...sprinkle a little seed on it.

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