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Does the King of Beers drink the Champaign of Beers?

A kind soul recently left a treat in my front yard, and as I poured the last drops of ale onto my lawn, I noticed something interesting I'd not recalled from all my former years of drinking.

Do you see it?

"Champaign of Beers."

Now, I don't know what your experience is with Miller High Life, but, according to the Miller Brewing Company, it dates to 1903 as a crisp, high end lager, then bottled in glass.

You may take a sip and say, "This IS the champagne of beers." 😁

In any case, the purpose of this post is to High Light (couldn't resist) the importance of your brand message (yes, you always have a brand message whether intentional or not).

What message does my offering send? Is it consistent with the outcomes? Does it attract the desired that is a fit for my offering?

This illustration might sound amusing, but if we can agree that messaging is an essential aspect of attraction, conversion, and retention, then today just might be the day to examine the messages we are least before it is Miller time!

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