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Does your business solve problems?

In academia (as with the Star Wars Jedi order), we generally refrain from speaking in absolutes. We often "suggest" rather than decree. However, in practice, absolutes become appropriate, such as, "I absolutely must have problem solvers on my team rather than problem starters." For example, recently got the server RED screen of death (as if the blue one was not ominous enough). 9:20 am: Contacted hosting company. Advised of issue and was told they would investigate. 10:20 am: Called hosting company and was told a raid array had failed and they were working on it. 12:38 pm: Emailed hosting company asking for eta. No response. 1:09 pm: Called hosting company and was advised they were working on it. 4:50 pm: Called hosting company again and was advised only option had a good chance of complete data loss server rebuild (this was not a viable option). Asked what had they done all day. Answer: "Nothing." 5:00 pm: Contacted new hosting service, Network Specialists, and explained the situation. Brad (owner/operator) informed us his team would investigate. 5:35 pm Server was back up and running with no data loss. Critical issue averted. Friend, business is (still) problem solving. And if you want to thrive in business, begin solving relevant problems with excellence.

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