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Feed. Seed. De-Weed.

You get weeds in your lawn? How about your work environment? I once heard that the best way to choke out lawn weeds is to spread good seed (lots of it) and I wondered if that model would work in my yard and then in my business.

So, first the lawn. My mission was simple: take a dilapidated front yard and make it healthy and strong.

I studied, then treated the lawn with nourishing fertilizer and found the best seed, watering regularly, setting a monthly reminder to feed, seed, and de-weed. It was A LOT OF WORK but worth every bit of effort.

The good seed began to germinate--and over time crowd out the weeds--the lawn began to flourish.

Now for business, same steps: examine and nourish the environment, spread good seed (lots of it), feed, seed, and de-weed. Yep, a healthy environment began to sprout.

Now, this is important: weed seeds are all around, floating in the air. They sometimes come from other sources, but also from us.

That's why we must first examine ourselves, then find a source for the good seed and nourishment for the environment, spread it generously upon every conversation and action.

It is A LOT OF WORK and won't always germinate and take root. But you must hold fast, because the beautiful and inviting professional landscape is worth every bit of effort.

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