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What Does Power look like?

Power has many faces, some dark and some bright - in either end of the spectrum and everywhere in between, it is essential for leadership.

In fact, it has been said by a wise colleague that "power produces influence, and leadership is the capacity to leverage that influence into action."

It can come from many sources and, here, in the most unexpected of places.

You see, on a recent Disney excursion, a very concerned 9-year-old member of our party was close to courageous tears as we neared a ride entrance.

The attendant discovered her apprehensions, then began to gently utilize his expertise to explain what to expect, likening the ride to a porch swing and asked if she was comfortable riding a swing.

He then said he could take her in to demonstrate the swing and, under his authority, could escort her out if she was still uncomfortable.

He informed her that her party would be seated at the lowest row for her comfort and that her safety was his #1 priority.

Did she ride? Like a champ (twice).

I then leaned over to my son and said those hallowed words: "Now that is leadership. See the power that produces influence, power of






And the environment

...and he beautifully leveraged that influence into action."

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